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Wow . . . a lot of these quotes are way off. For the most part the quotes seem to convey the point, but Wikiquote ought to have more than paraphrases or someone's hazy memory of what the quote was. When I have some time--and I cannot promise that I will soon--I'll try to fix them, but I figured that I would trying to bring it to someone's attention. 03:59, 25 June 2006 (UTC)Reply

I'd add one


"Sometimes I get exhausted just watching her."

Spacey to audience speaking about his wife.

This Page is [Bleep]


Can we seriously remove all the bleeps? It's so hard to try and read "And your mother seems to prefer I go through life like a [bleep] prisoner while she keeps my [bleep] in a [bleep] under the [bleep]."

Just put the words in, no one's suing you for it! When I watched this movie last night there weren't any bleeps in it so don't tell me it's part of the movie.