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This movie was made perfectly. It delivers on every standard.

== This movie is a work of fiction ==

I would like for somebody to post a prominent header to the pages regarding this movie stating that it is a work of fiction, My name is Daniel Vinyard and I have been accused of being a racist because stupid business' and schools seem to think google is a valid method to perform background checks. Dpvinyard 20:26, 12 September 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Well apparently the people accusing you are as ignorant as they seem to think you are. Did they miss the part at the end where Danny Vinyard is shot to death in the bathroom at the high school? Or did they choose to ignore that detail of the story to suit their needs? I wouldn't take too much to heart what these people say and accuse you of, but I do agree that it is unfair for these assumptions to be made about you. Jeremy Burdett 12:55, 02 November 2010