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  • The left wins because it controls the narrative
  • The left does not win its battles in debate
  • Whenever there’s smoke and the leftist media aren’t calling 911, that means there’s a huge fire raging out of control somewhere
  • “No,” I replied. “We’re going to take down the media.”
  • Alinsky’s clever merging of fake founding philosophy with his own Marxism led him to internal contradictions that would have sunk a lesser ego. While championing “freedom,” for example, he hated the idea of individual freedom the Founders loved—he wanted “communal freedom,” which is to say tyranny led by the government. “The greatest enemy of individual freedom is the individual himself,” he wrote.27 This is typically Rousseau-ian messaging—community trumps the individual, and in fact, individualism can only exist within the body politic. In other words, workers of the world...
  • The line was becoming clear. Marx and Hegel had paved the way for the Progressives, who in turn had paved the way for the Frankfurt School, who had then attacked the American way of life by pushing “cultural Marxism” through “critical theory.” The Frankfurt School thinkers had come up with the rationale for radical environmentalism, artistic communism, psychological deconstruction of their opponents, and multiculturalism. Most of all, they had come up with the concept of “repressive tolerance,” aka political correctness
  • I’m at war with the mainstream media because they portray themselves as objective observers of reality when they’re no such thing—they’re partisan “critical theory” hacks who think they can destroy everything America stands for by standing on the sidelines and sniping at patriotic Americans with all their favorite slurs. They have nothing but contempt for the American people. They use all the weapons they have at their disposal to intimidate every one of us and force us to shut up and not to speak our minds
  • We have now entered the first full-fledged Alinsky presidency. And the only way to beat Alinsky is with strength. We don’t fight fair; we fight righteous. The Democrats and President Obama will not give up their tack or their tactics. Do you think the GOP will win if its strategy is to apologize for every media-manufactured “right wing” outrage? It will not. We will win the day by using all the tools in our arsenal to fight the tyranny of these totalitarian ideologies that have been visited upon us from overseas, where those same ideologies caused only chronic human misery. We will win by...
  • In fact, the term “political correctness” came from one of Marcuse’s buddies: Mao Tse-tung. Mao used the term to differentiate between those who had “scientifically correct” views and those who did not; those who did were termed “politically correct.” In 1963, just two years before Marcuse’s “repressive tolerance,” Mao came out with an essay entitled “Where Do Correct Ideas Come From?”21 In that essay, he argued that the Marxist society determines correct ideas, and all incorrect ideas must be put out of their misery. Mao thought it. Marcuse thought it. And his ideological...
  • The First Amendment—the same instrument that allowed the Frankfurt School to land on our shores and express their pernicious ideas in freedom—was now curtailed by those who had benefitted from it. Marcuse called for a tyranny of the minority, since the tyranny of the majority could not be overcome without a total shutdown. There’s another name for Marcuse’s “partisan tolerance”: Political Correctness