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  • When I and two of my fellow Board members last appeared before this Subcommittee in November 2002, at our confirmation hearing, then Chairman Akaka graciously yet firmly made us aware of the difficult situation that we faced in assuming our new roles as Board members. This warning proved to be an understatement, as we entered an embattled agency. The outgoing Executive Director took a number of actions just before his abrupt departure that demoralized the staff, many of whom had built the program from the beginning. Expensive lawsuits and investigations were sprouting up, rancorous battles were underway with other agencies, the costs of the failed record keeping system project had not been charged to participants, and decisions had to be made immediately on whether to go forward with the new record keeping system project at all. I and my fellow Board members entered this environment and, working with the seasoned senior career staff, methodically sorted through these matters, keeping the new system and other projects on track and moving forward as we restored essential relationships.
    • Statement of The Honorable Andrew M. Saul, Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs. (2004).

Quotes about Saul (unsourced)[edit]

  • Andrew Saul is someone I know will work hard for us in Congress. Andrew won't have to answer to anyone other than the voters of the 19th Congressional District because he's not going to take money from any special interest or lobby groups. Andrew Saul has won my support, and is someone we can trust to represent us in Congress.
    • Tony Scannapieco, Chairman of the Putnam County Republican Committee (2007)
  • It's mainly because they look at Andrew Saul as a free ride. He's either going to raise money from his millionaire buddies or he's going to spend his own money, and the NRCC doesn't have to kick in.
  • Americans are looking for candidates committed to fiscal responsibility and pro-growth economic policies. By signing the Pledge, Andrew Saul demonstrates that he possesses the qualities hard-working taxpayers nationwide are so desperate to find in their candidates. I applaud him for his leadership and dedication to the ideals of limited government. I strongly encourage every candidate for federal and state elective office to sign the Pledge.