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  • Great, yeah he was really wonderful. He's the sweetest guy. He just makes you feel really comfortable.
  • He's the most brilliant man. He has an imagination that just goes off the charts. Most people think Tim Burton is pretty weird, but he's not. He's really normal. He has funny hair and he wears really cool glasses.
  • I didn't think I would get the part. I thought I did a horrible job. I was like I'm not going to get the part. I just knew I wasn't. I did.
  • I love performing in front of people. I love meeting people, nice people. I don't just want to do acting. I want to do acting and study chemistry.
  • I started screaming! I was jumping up and screaming and running around. I was so excited because I had only been in acting for about a year, and I had gotten my first big film. So I was really excited.
  • I think in some ways I am. I love to have a good time, and I love meeting new people, and I love being with people, and I love dogs. I don't think I have as much sadness in my heart as Opal does.
  • I thought it was kind of normal. Most people think it's kind of weird. I didn't think it was that odd. I knew I had filmed it, and I thought it was okay.
    • about her commercials
  • I want to do a lot more movies. I like, to finish, I like to do acting until I want to have kids because I want to be there for them. 'Til I'm like 34.
  • My hardest scene? I think it was the dog, when he was going to be taken away because it was my first time crying. For a whole day and a half....start crying.
  • Well, I am a Christian, and God really helped me in this film getting the part.
  • Well, I'm kind of an urban girl, I like big cities. I like New York, I like London, I like L.A. I like people, I get lonely, really, really easily. But, I think it was good, It was very different and I think that's good.
    • On filming a movie in a small town
  • Well, Wayne Wang the director, really helped me become a more mature actress. When I first started in filming, I was really over the top. He helped bring me down and make me real. That was really wonderful, a really really wonderful experience. Also, what I learned about filming is it takes forever, I mean, there are so many different angles and shots. I mean, it just takes forever!
    • On what she learned from filming her first movie
  • Yes I love gum, I kept gum and blueberries. They are very good together actually. I kept all the gum that I chewed on set.
  • Some of the main points are about friendship and just enjoying your friends and valuing them. Also, to treat others how you’d want to be treated and just try to be accepting of people for who they are. It also shows you how to use your imagination, because it keeps you young and it’s a really fun thing that you can experience with a friend. It also talks about families and people going through some tough times, but you have to work through it and friends can help you with that.