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Could somebody who speaks grammatical English please put these proverbs into it? I can only guess at what some of these mean.


  • I might throw up a boym:
  Through here I come I come
  With you my love my love
  All bad has gone has gone
  I see your smile your smile
  and I feel so high so high


  I dont regret or try
  I dont forsee my cry
  I do realize my self
  I cant control ...........
  Right there you are you are
  You be my good very good
  You have my soul my soul
  You take me home O!             <--  [my sister]

repeat chorus:


um , wouldnt it be preffered if non English quotes were writting in both english and the original language?

Definitely! Originals please...

We need translations[edit]

The Arabic proverbs should be translated into English. Waseem7 22:15, 5 Dec 2004 (UTC)

The Arabic proverbs that were just added also seem to have format problems that need to be corrected, and until there are translations into English available for them perhaps they should go in their own section, as ==Untranslated proverbs== with a small comment that they need translations. ~ Kalki 22:24, 5 Dec 2004 (UTC)

P.S. Most of the format problems I noticed were already addressed, even as I typed my comment. Now we just need translations. ~ Kalki 22:28, 5 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • I agree with you that proverbs which do not have English translations should go in their own section, though my only concern with that is that that I have put all of the proverbs in alphabetical order and if they get moved to another section and then moved back this alphabetical order might get lost. Maybe we should keep them the way they are and try to translate what we can for the next month or so, and then move the ones that don't have a translation to their own section. What do you think? Waseem7 05:31, 6 Dec 2004 (UTC)
With this, and some of the larger proverbs pages in other languages, it might be desirable to permanently have two sections, or eventually even two pages, one ordered alphabetically by English and the other ordered by the original language expressions, both of which could be useful for easily finding phrases and expressions. The English section could have English expressions first, and the other section or page, could have the non-English expressions first. ~ Kalki 13:20, 6 Dec 2004 (UTC)
Is there an easy way to maintain this list? Waseem7 15:33, 6 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Could anyone confirm or deny "O! my brother Who fucks a woman from another religion may god be with you." I tried to see who added it but I don't have the time or the patience right now, it just seems completely suspect, considering, you know, typical Islamic views on premarital sex (and if it was marriage, why not say marriage). 15:58, 16 May 2005 (UTC)

Explanation Needed[edit]

Could someone explain what the table of contents means? It may be clear in Arabic is confusing for people who don't speak Arabic.

The current TOC is using Arabic letters, which is in keeping with the current practice of presenting non-English quotes in their original language first, then including a translation line. The problem, of course, is that most en:Wikiquote readers won't be able to use the TOC to find quotes, but will have to rely on browsing and browser-searching for the English text to find a specific quote. To the best of my knowledge, this obvious issue has not yet been discussed in the community. ~ Jeff Q (talk) 01:52, 26 May 2006 (UTC)

I'm very grateful for this reference. I do see a problem with having an Arabic TOC as well as English. Because of this problem, perhaps two pages are necessary?

I would like to see published sources added. For example, the English publications by Arander and Skipwith. There must be traditional Arabic sources as well. What about those found in Hadith literature, or even Shia sources such as Nahjul Balagha? During a visit to the Türk Hat Muzesi in Beyazit, Istanbul, I saw an Ottoman levha calligraphy panel with a saying attributed to John the Baptist. There must be other Christian sources as well.

In addition, I think that it is necessary to provide not only a literal translation, but also describe the connotation. This is the format used on the [Persian proverbs] page. A Romanized transliteration would also be very helpful to students of Arabic like myself. This can easily be done by using the US extended keyboard, that has all the necessary diacriticals.Jemiljan 00:27, 17 May 2007 (UTC)

Proverbs should be organized after their theme![edit]

It's not wise to order the proverbs after their first alphabet. Its more better to organize them after the theme e.g. Love, life, courage, etc. I will wait for comments before I change it. Jidan 06:32, 28 December 2006 (UTC)

BTW, I am a native arabic speaker.Jidan 06:33, 28 December 2006 (UTC)
I agree; in the article's current state, it is unreadable.


NOTE:All of the below quotes require sources before moving back to the page.

I want to add a comment after I read the below proverbs,, " some are wrong, some have'nt the accurate meaning, and others, never heard about it before"I wish weather you make sure of what are you writing or remove it.thx. Areej from Jordan.

This page list center Arabic proverbs.

  • "The dogs bark, but the caravan rolls on."
  • "Haste is the devil."
  • "Hunger is the finest spices."
  • "Much to flap its wings, after it we broke."
  • "Who wants a beautiful woman smart and rich, like the three women."
  • "Revenge is a dish eaten cold."
  • "Enemy of my enemy - my friend."
  • "Every dog ​​Beejy day." ("Every dog ​​his day comes.")
  • "Do not take advice, bald man with glasses and a belly."
  • "I against my brother. I and my brother against my cousin. I, my brother and my cousin against the world."
  • "Who did not enter the mouth closed all the fly."
  • "A word cloud and rain action."
  • "Too little lie." ("Legs do not lie.")
  • "When you shoot the arrow of truth, dip its point in honey, please."
  • "Four things can not stay hidden for long: knowledge, stupidity, wealth and poverty."
  • "Death can not forget you for one day, but he can not forget you the next."
  • "Who steal eggs, steal a camel."
  • "A woman can hide her love for forty years, but her anger even one day."
  • "Love sees well. Hatred sees better. But jealousy sees better because she is loved and hated at the same time."
  • "Asl day, the day the basket." ("Honey Day, a day in the shade.")
  • "Of course Allah, but do not forget to tie the camel."
  • "All things are difficult before they become easy."
  • "Talk about a good deed that caused his death."
  • "The right belongs to those who starts, though who continues succeeds better."
  • "To sell to good things. To buy to do bad things."
  • "If you want to buy for the market and watched, and bought way back."
  • "To love a lover like living should die tomorrow."
  • "When the door locks of love for the golden door."
  • "Love lasts as long as the reproaches."
  • "All we glance at the past we must look both at the future."
  • "Destroys the body's fatigue and anxiety is killing the soul."
  • "Bum playing with the devil."
  • "Anyone who wants everything loses everything."
  • "Hurrying to answer - wrong."
  • "On the ball he was born - dead hero / first ball when he was born, died last hero / gun when he was born dead heroes."
  • "When hunting, the dog taking a piss."
  • "If I am a prince and you're a prince, who would do donkeys?" (You can not all be managers.)
  • "Monkey To his mother - a deer."
  • "Dog - Sheikh Sheikh." (The dog of the Sheik is Sheik.)
  • "Perhaps Pat - dead." (What happened - dead.)
  • "If money equals speech, silence is golden."
  • "Where diplomacy fails, successful woman."
  • "There is no great trouble than ours."
  • "Who is waiting without work, plowing without sowing."
  • "Paradise of this world is a woman's lap, on horseback, and on the pages of a book."
  • "Shake the lucky one to the river and he came out with a fish in his mouth."
  • "Talker does not want the company of another talker."
  • "One dream does not contain the whole truth."
  • "The devil does not appear, but to those who fear him."
  • "The time will become masters of one who has no master."
  • "Measure the depth of the river before you plunge yourself into the water."
  • "Life is a woman as a camel."
  • "Do not tell others about your troubles; eagle and the hawk swooping down on wounded moaning."
  • "Tell Kagan as we carry in our pocket."
  • "It is still closed, as a package of paper."
  • "Small body often contains a great soul."
  • "One learns more from the fool who before his eyes, than the words of the wise."
  • "The lace! Do not be jealous."
  • "Death is a black camel that lies the doorstep of every door."
  • "Diligence is the mother of success."
  • "Do not be afraid because God-fearing man." / "Who did not fear God is to be feared" (Ely Ma Afu Afu from but sex)
  • "You have to judge the man by reputation of his enemies."
  • "Do not Judge not on a ship which is still being built at the shipyard."
  • "No one can be a good doctor, if not there before."
  • "Search for knowledge even if you go to China."
  • "Silence is the best answer to his questions of the ignorant."
  • "Fishing is catch fish rash."
  • "Chameleon does not leave the tree, unless there's another tree."
  • "Change like the rest."
  • "A thoroughbred is not harmed by the fact that he had an old saddle."
  • "The argument can not survive."
  • "We are aware of her error, better than a hidden truth."
  • "The secret like a dove: when it leaves the hand is flying."
  • "Ramrod sense of humor helps as we go on the rope acrobats of life."
  • "Smart people in the company of scoundrels, makes foil."
  • "Arrogance interferes wisdom."
  • "Arrogance like a weed growing on a pile of junk."
  • "You'd better consult with an experienced person than with a scholar."
  • "Believe mirror eyes, and do not rely on the meaning of lips."
  • "Eat what you want, but dressed as fashion."
  • "Every ambitious man like him as a POW, and chases money like a pauper."
  • "As the sun sets."
  • "Who is peering in the windows of others, risks losing his sight."
  • "Who sows thorns can hope to pick roses."
  • "Anyone who sees the troubles of others, he realized that his troubles himself very easily."
  • "There are many ways that did not lead to the heart of man."
  • "Laughter is meaningless indication of poor education."
  • "We can not clap with one hand."
  • "Beautiful patience."
  • "Sayings like them like a lamp that illuminates the things."
  • "Seek advice from those who made you cry, and who makes you laugh."
  • "Quiet is the fruit of peace of mind."
  • "Infecting words worse than that of the sword."
  • "Before logging in, it's how you go."
  • "What we learn Baristno, stayed with us until we die."
  • "The broken pot, cover the curve."
  • "To rain, to see clouds."
  • "Who is that his house is made of glass houses should not throw stones at his neighbor" (the house moguls Kazzaz Ma Aidrb Hajjar Ala Jaro)
  • "Burrowing womb and Bangui's just a" - "Not all that glitters is gold inside outsider" = to look at the pitcher, but what is inside.
  • "Anharda Plus was read detective" - ​​now you're ready to pay lots of money on the scoop, when tomorrow everyone knew the secret is not worth a penny.
  • Meant that those who keep a secret telling him, tomorrow we'll know what your secret.
  • "Iatlo to Throw and used Bgnsto" - a group of villains who murder and dare to attend the funeral, as if they are not guilty. Looking for your mind, hit you and Mtmmim as if you did not do anything wrong.
  • "Guy Ichhlh insisted that" - came to embellish her but instead spoil her beauty.
  • "It shall bruise His eye Asofk Bell Bell Antn" - if you approve of me, I see you two pretty poor.
  • "Evelyn and Leah Trdini" - accept me or feed me well.
  • "Schnabel to Gomaa velayat to Saturday rouge" - who bothers on Friday will eat on the Sabbath.
  • "Llsbr Hodod" - an end to patience.
  • الباب اللي يجي منه ريح، سدُهُ واستريح.
    • Translation: The door that the wind comes from, close it and relax.
  • اترك اللي مايفيدك ياخذ منك ولايزيدك
    • Leave what you don't benefit from; it takes from you but doesn't give you.
  • إذا غاب القط العب يافار
    • When the cat is absent then play 'o mouse.
    • English equivalent: When the cat's away, the mice will play.
    • Meaning: When those in authority positions are gone, people will not do what they should be doing.
  • أصابع يدك مهي سوى
    • Your fingers aren't of an equal length.
  • العين ماتعلى على الحاجب
    • The eye doesn't go higher than the brow.
    • English equivalent: Each man rises to his level of incompetence.
    • Meaning: No one can go above their status in life.
  • اللي في البير ايطلعه المغرف
    • What's in the well the bucket gets out.
  • اللي في الجدر يطلعه الملاس
    • What's in the pot the spoon gets out.
  • اللي في بطنه ريح مايستريح
    • He with gas in his belly never rests.
  • اللي في قلبه الصلاه ماتفوته
    • He with prayer in his heart never misses it [The prayer].
  • الدبس مايلطا الا بشارب لاحسه
    • The honey only sticks to the mustache of the one who licked it.
  • الرجال مخابر ماهي بمناظر
    • Manhood is by knowledge, not by looks.
  • اللي يده بالنار موب مثل اللي يده في الماي
    • He whose hand in fire isn't like him whose hand is in water.
  • النار ماتحرق الا رجل واطيها
    • Fire only burns he who approaches it.
    • English equivalent: If you play with fire you will get burned.
    • Meaning: Doing something dangerous has consequences.
  • علمناهم الطراره سبقونا على البيبان
    • We taught them how to beg and they raced us to the doors.
  • أم لقمان تعرف لغة عيالها
    • The mother of Luqman knows the language of her sons.
  • ثوبه زري يرطخ وماعنده قدر يطبخ
    • His clothes are glittery and shiny but he doesn't have a pot to cook in.
  • جَود لي وأقطع لك
    • Hold it for me and i'll cut for you.
  • جيتك عون وصرت علي فرعون
    • I came to you with help and you became a pharaoh on me.
  • رَخ ايدك تلقى الناس عبيدك
    • Loose your hand and you'll find people your slaves.
  • كلٍ ايقّرب الضو صوب قرصه
    • Everybody's gathering the coals around his own bread.
  • لاصرت أمير وأنا امير من بيسوق الحمير
    • If you become a prince and I become a prince then who rides the donkeys?
    • English equivalent: You a lady and I a lady, who will put the sow out?
  • وش على السما من نبح الكلاب
    • Why should the heavens care about the barking of dogs?
    • English equivalent: Life goes on.
    • Meaning: One cannot stop progress no matter how much they protest.
  • ربعـٍ تعاونوا ما ذلوا و لا جاهم المطر ما ابتلوا
    • Friends who take care of each other never get scared, and when rain pours they're never wet.
  • قرصـه في نـاره و عيـنـه في جـاره
    • His bread is on his fire and his eyes are on his neighbour.
    • Meaning: You aren't paying attention to what's important.