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Socrates quote[edit]

The page formerly contained the following quote from Plato/Socrates:

Meno: Is this true about yourself, Socrates, that you don’t even know what virtue is? Is this the report that we are to take home about you?

Socrates: Not only that, you may also say that, to the best of my belief, I have never met anyone else who did know.

Meno: What! Didn’t you meet Gorgias when he was here?

Socrates: Yes.

Meno: And you still didn’t think he knew?

Socrates: I’m a forgetful sort of person, and I can’t say just now what I thought at the time. Probably he did know, and I expect you know what he used to say about it. So remind me what it was, or tell me yourself if you will. No doubt you agree with him.

Meno: Yes, I do.

Socrates: Then let’s leave him out of it, since after all he isn’t here. What do you yourself say virtue is?

  • -Plato, Meno, 71c, W. Guthrie, trans., Collected Dialogs (1961), p. 354

I am removing it since it doesn't quite seem to be on the subject of appeals to authority. I can see the relation, but it isn't really on the direct subject. Feel free to re-add it if you would like.