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I created this page, more quotes welcome. - Mike Casavant.

Question 30: "Do ninja's fall in love?"
"No, ninja's glide silently into love with two swords drawn"

Question 37: "What are the best and most memorable words you've heard from victims?" - Agent Jay
"Buddy of mine got hit with a joint jumble curse by a viking, it moved all his joints around in different points of his body like his fingers went to his knees and his knees went to his shoulders and his shoulders went to his neck, it was definitely not able to do 'head shoulder knees toes knees toes' cause he was doing like the 'head shoulder knees toes knees toes' (pointing to wrong parts of body)it was tough, it was tough."

Question 42: "When you get your eyes poked out by an enemy or a stick, you can use apples and shove them in your eye sockets and just...their good place holders until you find a witch or a unsuspecting Canadian."

"Cause everyone knows that the only way to kill a Chimera is to cut off its ears and stick them in their nose, cause they can't stand the smell of what they hear."

"Trust me, you do NOT want to meet a Ninjelephant in a dark alley"

do ninjas get awards? what r u kidding, give me a break, ninjas dont need self congrdulatory empty accolades to boost their egos. .... they're NINJAS!!

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