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I'm very disappointed with the recent changes made to this page. It used to be a valuable resource, but has now been relegated to less than a novelty. Very little information is available, and the page is basically worthless now. What's the point of having a wiki quote page, if you aren't willing to quote things for fear of copyright violations?

I understand that the changes were made due to copyright concerns, but was there a complaint from Ubisoft? Did anyone get a cease and desist? This work is not being used to make a profit, so fair use law should be pretty liberal here.

Ubisoft has an open licensing policy, giving full copyright permissions to fans of their games for purposes of making fan videos. I've seen people selling published versions of the game, written into novel format. Ubisoft encourages their fans to do work like this as they believe it strengthens their fan base and spreads positive feedback about their games.

I seriously doubt Ubisoft would have a problem with this page containing a full range of dialog from the game, especially considering the lack of subtitles in this first entry in the series. I think you could make an argument for fair use simply based on that lack of subtitles for people with hearing impairments. Further making the case for fair use, the Assassin's Creed games are based on actual historical events, people, and places. With no subtitles and strong accents, it is often very difficult to figure out what people are talking about, and I used this site as a resource to help figure out who and what they are talking about, as well as to catalogue my own findings when I research those things myself.

Did anyone ever think to contact Ubisoft before they removed all that valuable information and hard work? I would be shocked if Ubisoft had a problem with this.

This was my first time contributing to a wiki page, so I don't have much experience with it. I assume that they keep backups? Is there any possibility of getting proper permissions and then restoring the page?

It seems like such a shame if all that work is just lost.