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  • I do not believe in God, angels and the hereafter.
  • I am not against migration. It is pragmatic to restrict migration, while encouraging integration and fighting discrimination.
  • If I were a male under the same circumstances, I could have been there. It was exactly what I used to believe.
  • Referring to hijacker Mohammed Atta's letter to his accomplices telling them to pray for martyrdom.
  • When a Life of Brian comes out with Muhammad in the lead role, directed by an Arab equivalent of van Gogh, it will be a huge step.
  • I had never seen an Israeli, but we hated them because it was "Muslim" to hate them.
  • On the lessons she learned from an Iranian-trained Shia fundamentalist.
  • I have no real social life. It's like having a body with no bottom [a Somali expression]... who on earth can I saddle with a relationship? It's not off limits, and technically it can all happen. But is it, as we say in Dutch, verstandig? Sensible? It doesn't seem sensible now.