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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the B-17 Flying Fortress page.

Is having an article that talks about an airplane legal and allowed?(StarWarsFanBoy 00:25, 13 January 2010 (UTC))

repetitive coverage of YB-17 thru B-17E[edit]

the are too multi-paragraph that each cover the captioned subect. The article would look more encyclopedic if these were reviewed and the redundency removed. The order for 512 B-17 mentioned earlier in the article actually refers to two early CY 40 orders (FY 41 funded) orders for B-17E a/c. [277ea & 235ea.] That reference too should be placed in context correctly.

variants chart B-17F-DL[edit]

ref: The B-17 Flying Fortress Story; Freeman & Osborne; 1998. this book is authoritative and contains a synopsis of the official aircraft history cards for each B-17 ( less a few NIF). The number of F-DL is less than the 600 first ordered from Long Beach, not the 605 stated in the chart. That number is cited to Bowers (#53) work which is a reinteration of his 1963 colaboration ( also cited in the article). That 1963 was based on factory production planning records and not actual production. The F-DL series ended at block 65. The blocks G-1 into 10 account for DL # 530 to 605 and seq. 529 F-DL.