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  • As soon as I got out there I felt a strange relationship with the pitcher's mound. It was as if I'd been born out there. Pitching just felt like the most natural thing in the world. Striking out batters was easy.
  • Baseball changes through the years. It gets milder.
  • Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world.
  • Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back.
  • Gee, its lonesome in the outfield. It's hard to keep awake with nothing to do.
  • I'd give a year of my life if I could hit a homerun on opening day of this great new park.
    • About Yankee Stadium (18 April 1923)
  • I've never heard a crowd boo a homer, but I've heard plenty of boos after a strikeout.
  • Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.
  • Reading isn't good for a ballplayer. Not good for his eyes. If my eyes went bad even a little bit I couldn't hit home runs. So I gave up reading.
  • Watch my dust.
    • This is a common expression dating to at least the 19th century, and certainly did not originate with Ruth.
  • He is a scientist, not a powerhouse.
    • Remarking on the much smaller Don Bradman, legendary Cricket batsman