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I watched this movie, enjoyed it for what it was worth. I wasn't expecting it to be a "Toy Story" or "Avatar" or "Matrix" type film, but it was interesting enough to watch while working on the computer at the same time. With that being said, there's just one thing I simply cannot understand. The credits are given and there's nobody in the credits named "Nathan Randall III" (or the 3rd if you so prefer). When someone a mother or wife is bitching out her husband or her kids, for some there's a tendency to start things off by calling someone by their full name. If that's the case, then apparently Mrs. Beady is getting some on the side by Nathan Randall III. If you're going to put "the third" on the end of someone's name, unless we're talking about a queen or king (for monarchs there are different rules), you don't leave off the surname of a guy. Had she said "Nathan Randall Beady the third" I'd be absolutely fine. But instead, as it stands, it's just like chicken--it just doesn't fly. I'm an admitted grammar/spelling Nazi, but this one just bothers me, mainly, I guess, because it didn't need to happen. It should have been corrected. Am I the only person who's bothered by this? or things just like this? I'm guessing I am, at least for the most part, considering I'm apparently the only person up there in the discussion area when it comes to this movie. I suppose I should be chewing out the script editor, and not the whole crowd. For some reason, and I can't tell you precisely why, that little slip up became deeply seated within my mind and launched me on a WWW search to find out a) if I'm right, or did I miss something and b) if I missed something, what was it? Now, digging for all of that pretty much made me miss the last 30 minutes of the show. Thank heavens, if this was ever in the theatres, I didn't pay to watch 2/3rds of the movie while I obsessed over the guy's last name... is it Beady? or Randall? Can anyone help? Or at least confirm I'm not the only one who finds this error exponentially growing in their mind to the point of it making a silly, lose yourself in the movie type thing, into a movie for which I now have a very silly grudge.