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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Battlestar Galactica (2003) page.

Episode 3 numbers / titles are mismatched. Occupation/Precipice [3.01] should be Occupation [3.01] and Precipice [3.02], and following titles should be incremented in episode number. As is, the quotes are misaligned with titles.

Fixed the numbering and seperated Occupation/Precipice quotes into correct episodes

Moved the Starbuck "You're a bastard" quote from "Water" to Miniseries part 2. Just watched it this a.m., and remembered that quote to Col. Tigh.

Regarding "Number Six: [to a little baby whose neck she is about to snap] There there. It's okay. You're not gonna have to cry much longer.":
When she speaks the line she is probably referring to the fact that Caprica is about to be nuked hours later. It is first after the mother puts the baby back into the stroller and turns away that she gets the idea (out of curiosity) to examine the baby's neck and "accidentally" breaks it.
It is my opinion that the text is changed according to my submission on 05:50, 1 August 2009, if noone can argue against it.

There's no indication that the mother has anything to do with the baby's neck breaking; all we see is her taking a closer look at the baby and noticing it isn't breathing. EVula // talk // // 15:56, 7 August 2009 (UTC)
With "she" I meant Number Six. She leans over the baby when the mother turns away. What I mean with my comment is that that the current text makes it sound like Number Six was planning to break the baby's neck when she spoke the line, and there is nothing in the film that indicates that.