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The quotes are currently unsourced, but I do know that these are indeed Bingxin's quotes. If anyone can provide the sources, it would be really helpful. Thanks. --Cantaire87 19:29, 18 April 2007 (UTC)


  • 有了爱就有了一切
    • Literal English: There is love, there is everything.
    • Meaning: Love makes everything possible.
    • Life motto and the title of one of her books
  • 生命从八十岁开始
    • English: Life begins at eighty.
  • 世界上若没有女人,这世界至少要失去十分之五的真、十分之六的善、十分之七的美
    • English: If there are no women in the world, this world will lose at least five-tenth of Truth, six-tenth of Benevolence, and seven-tenth of Beauty.