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I cleaned up the formatting in this article. However, there is still a significant problem that the original editor left out the ending punctuation, so it is not possible to tell whether the quotes here represent complete sentences. Someone with access to the book will need to check the text to fix all of these.

At the same time, I deleted some particularly fragmentary quotes, which didn't seem to make sense to me. Generally this indicates that insufficient context has been quoted, although I could of course be on crack. 121a0012 04:30, 15 January 2007 (UTC)


  • Some slumped as though dead on the floor of the trench
  • They were frightening to the civilians because they had evolved not into killers but into passive beings whose aim was to endure
  • They were killing with pleasure. They were not normal
  • He noticed how dry and passionless his own style had become
    • Stephen refering to letters informing relatives of death
  • Now he would take life without compunction
  • He hated the selfishness of his feeling because he felt more sorry for himself than his dead friend
  • You can’t give tin stars to people when there are men that give their life
  • Depression had begun to sink into the army’s bones