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  • No back flips off the diving board, do it again and your out of the pool.
    • Quoted in the Statesboro Harald in 1991 after mimicking a local lifeguard
  • Elizabeth's back at the Red Cross, and I'm walking the dog.
    • On NBC'S Today Show, reported in Time Magazine, 1997.
  • I once described myself as the most optimistic man in America. Life has taught me to put my faith in the uncounted millions who may never run for office, pass a bill, or craft a sound bite, but who fight our wars and embody the ideals worth fighting for. My contemporaries have been called the greatest generation. It's not a title we bestowed on ourselves, any more than we asked for the hand that history dealt us in our youth. Now I belong to a disappearing generation, perhaps five million in all, forever bonded by the tests we faced so long ago.