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  • Well, it's magic! It's different from stories set in normal life.
    • On why she likes the Harry Potter books
  • We just talked and kind of hung out.
    • On seeing Daniel, Rupert and Emma off set
  • I have had a few people recognize me in public. But I wouldn't like everybody to recognize me. I can still walk across the street and not be noticed. If I was Daniel Radcliffe I think I would find it much harder to deal with.
    • On stardom
  • Gryffindor! It's the best and most exciting.
    • On what house she'd like to be in at Hogwarts
  • My brother thought I was a lot like Ginny and I think I'm quite like her, too.
  • Working with everyone was really fun but I think overall there's always something fun about every scene but I couldn't really pick on one scene, I think everything was just great.
  • "When you see [the film] sometimes you can think, Oh no, they used that bit!" says Bonnie Wright, 14, who plays Ron's little sister Ginny. "I think everyone sometimes feels intimidated by themselves when they see themselves on the screen." After all, it's hard enough figuring out who you are when you're a teenager. How much worse is it when you spend all day pretending to be someone else?
    • From TIME Magazine
  • It's strange to read the books knowing that you might be doing this one day.
    • From TIME Magazine
  • Erm…we'll see. Sometimes they kind of betray the script to fit into the movie and everything. It will be in the script hopefully.
    • On whether or not she's going to kiss Dan in the next film
  • I saw it and I enjoyed it. For him it was definitely a good, good thing to do, because you're so easily typecast as a child actor and I think it's a good move. The play was just amazing - I was so wrapped up in it all.
    • When asked if she had seen Equus