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My initial purpose for this page was to catalog the Non-Subtitled Romanian language dialog and quotes. There are quite a few scenes with Dracula and others speaking Romanian, and the dialogue is subtitled in the film. However, there are some phrases that aren't. There are also some discrepancies between what is said in Romanian and the English translations presented in the Subtitles.

One of the Non-subtitled phrases I can't really make out is when Mina is at Dracula's castle, and Dracula is approaching for the final confrontation. She gets up and opens her arms and starts screaming something that someone told me once translated to 'Wind, give me the strength to go!"... You can clearly her her saying "Vânt ......... ducă!", the first word is "Wind", the last is "go" or "goes", what she says in the middle I can't make out.

Another set of Subtitled dialogue I can't make out is when Dracula first catches the brides seducing John Harker.

This is what the dialogue sounds like to me.

Dracula: Cum îndrăzniţi? (How dare you ?)
[Dracula throws Bride 1 onto the ceiling]
Dracula: Cu el am interzis asta! Acest barbăt îmi aparţine. ( Regarding him this is forbidden! This man belongs to me ?)
Bride 1: To to... tu n-ai iubit niciodată, tu n-ai să iubeşti niciodată. (You never loved and never will love")
Dracula: Nu e adevărat, și eu pot să iubesc, şi o să iubesc din nou. ("It's not true, I too can love, and I will love again")
Bride 1: N-ai nimic pentru noi în seara asta? ("Do you have anything for us tonight?")

Now, the first line of dialogue isn't subtitled. But the 2nd line by Dracula is subtitled, and says 'How dare you touch him, he belongs to me!" Clearly, there are elements of this translation in the 1st and 2nd lines. The 1st part of the 3rd line is well translated... "you never loved", but the 2nd part (the tail end of which actually overlaps with the 4th line spoken by Dracula, is not. The 4th line, by Dracula, is well spoken and translated... "I too can love, and I will love again."

I'd love to have some other input, hopefully from some native speakers.

Exit 17:57, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)