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  • What? Are you going to kill me with dental floss and a fist... THIS GUY'S A FAGGOT!
    • From the prank phonecall: I'm Gonna Fuck Your Day Up
  • Woo!-De!-Woo! I came to see about you and your crew and what you guys are gonna do!
  • Fix My God Damn Ass
    • From the Shitbags skit in CKY4
  • And I didn't take it. 'cause a man with no hair couldn't take it possibly!
    • From Viva la Bam
  • "I'm naked as shit and I'm sliding inside ten motherfuckers with a dick 10 feet wide!"- in a song on CKY 4
  • Now if you're bad, people might get out of your way, but if you got shit, ain't nobody fuckin' with ya
    • From CKY2K