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Season 1[edit]

Mr. Whiskers: Hello ladies!

Female Anteater: I think a man with a stroller is hot!

Mr. Whiskers: You don’t say? (he begins to flex and pose)

Brandy (referring to the clearing): So, it’s like a mall?

Lola: Sure, I guess. (to Cheryl and Meryl) What’s a mall?

Momma Crock: I know this is last moment, but I desperately need someone to watch my eggs; we’re going upstream to eat some eco-tourists.

Gaspar: A thousand pardons for disturbing you, seniorita, allow me to introduce myself. I am Gaspar Le Gecko, Dictator / entrepreneur / musical director of this rainforest.

Ed: Well, hello Mr. Whiskers. How are you doing today?

(After arriving at the clearing, in which she thought it would be like a mall)

Brandy: You’ve got to be kidding me, this is not a mall! Malls have stores and movie theaters and food courts! Not filthy animals bathing in their own drinking water!

Mr. Whiskers: Here’s my ticket to camp.

Brandy: Hey, you’re not going to camp, you’re being sold to a zoo in Paraguay for thirty-nine cents!

(Brandy laughs at Mr. Whiskers)

Mr. Whiskers: Again, oh well.

(Brandy and Whiskers are in their respective bunks)

Mr. Whiskers: Hey, Brandy? Sorry about your map.

Brandy: Hey, I'll find a way home, somehow. I'm just glad you're alright.

Mr. Whiskers: Me too. Thanks for saving me.

Brandy: Hey, what are friends for?

Mr. Whiskers: Wait... did you say, 'friends'?

Brandy: Me? No, no, no, no, no, I meant...

(Whiskers jumps onto her bunk)

Mr. Whiskers (overjoyed): I heard you! You did! Wow! I have a friend! Me! A friend!

Brandy: Ok, ok, calm down...

Mr. Whiskers: Oh, my first real friend! Brandy Harrington, of the Florida Harringtons. Oh boy! I'm gonna be the best friend you ever had!

Brandy: Go to bed, Whiskers.

Mr. Whiskers: We'll be inseparable. Except for using the bathroom, other than that, inseparable!

(Whiskers jumps off Brandy's bunk, catapulting Brandy out through the ceiling of their house. Brandy screams as she flies up, and then plummets down to the leaf-and-dirt covered floor)

Mr. Whiskers: Sorry!

(Brandy and Whiskers are in the middle of tracking down Mama Croc's lost eggs. Brandy is holding one of her newly hatched babies)

Brandy: Okay! Six down, three to go. We can do this!

Mama Croc: (calls out) Brandy?

Mr. Whiskers: We're lunch! But on a positive note, we'll find out if I taste like chicken.

Brandy: Go! I'll stall her.

Mr. Whiskers: Nice knowin' ya.

Brandy: Get out!

(Whiskers runs off as Mama Croc approaches Brandy)

Mama Croc: My, my, look at him! He looks good enough to eat!

Brandy: (to baby crocodile) Better him than me. (to Mama Croc, sweet voice) Isn't he the cutest?

Mama Croc (looking menacing): How are the others?

Brandy: And those teeth! (Baby crocodile snaps at her) Goo goo ga ga!

Mama Croc: I want to see the rest of them.

Brandy: So do I. (catches up to Mama Croc) Hey, have you had anything to eat lately, 'cause low blood sugar can make you angry and eat things you shouldn't... like me!

Brandy (sinking into the quicksand): Aah! Quicksand! Throw me something!

(Mr. Whiskers throws a briefcase, a bowling ball and a little critter near Brandy.)

Brandy: Something I can grab!

Brandy: I'm Brandy Harington, of the Flordia Haringtons and he's (points to Mr. Whiskers) well...that's not important right now...

Lola Boa: Look, I'm very sensitive in not having arms. Okay?

Mr. Whiskers: Or legs. Or eyelids. Or a butt! (Lola cries)

Brandy: Nice going, pellets for brains.

Mama Croc: I know this is last minute, but I desperately need someone to watch my eggs. It's just for the day. We're going upstream to eat some eco-tourists.

Brandy: Oh, I really don't... work.

Mama Croc: They're just eggs. There's nothing to do.

Brandy: And I, on the other hand, have so much to do...

Mr. Whiskers: That's funny; you just told me you were bored to tears.

Brandy (angry): On second thought, eat him.

(Whiskers freaks, and makes a run for it)

Amy (to Sonic):Hey, are you going to school too?

Mr. Whiskers (to Brandy): Are you going to summer camp too?

Brandy: No, I’m going to a five-star spa to be pampered and spoiled, which, come to think of it, is sorta my life anyway.

Mr. Whiskers: I’ve never been spoiled!

Brandy: Woof, you sure smell like it.

Rooster: (looks at baby crocodile) Man, thats one ugly chicken!

Season 2[edit]

Mr. Whiskers: We’ll plant a money tree! Ah, it’ll be great! We’ll share the money with all of our friends; the squirrels, the unicorn, the magic pixies and the break dancing robot!

Brandy: Love the enthusiasm Whiskers; hate the stupidity. (Brandy pops Mr. Whiskers’ thought bubble, the creatures fall to the ground)

Break Dancing Robot (while falling): Does not compute.

Brandy: This is my side, that is your side, and never the twuck shall meet, OK?

Cream:The nitro must be pretty hard c

Mr. Whiskers (furious): You silly idiots!!