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  • Ancient men conquered cities put them to the sword and fire, meanwhile you go to WINE BAR with "gf" and enjoy tasteful banter.. YOU ARE GAY!!
    • 9 February 2017
  • I need to live a certain way, I feel until I don't get penthouse floor with jacuzzi, heated saltwater pool, courtesans in silk leggings, multiple gigantic screens running news from around the world, Twatter and various forums, gym in same building, silk bathrobe, I can't flourish

Biohistorian15 (talk) 16:46, 1 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Yes. See Wikiquote:Quotability. There's a pretty low bar for including quotes, and a pretty high bar for removing them. Cagliost (talk) 10:04, 13 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
Personally, I think those two lines are more well-known than anything in his books. People share meme images of the first one. Cagliost (talk) 11:54, 13 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Disclaimer in the BAP article


Honest question, don't you think, a short disclaimer like the one I came up with could help clarify some people that aren't e.g. too familiar with his twitter persona? (*I could remove the font color though) I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable keeping him in the "conservative intellectuals" template if his article here consists chiefly of broken English. Biohistorian15 (talk) 11:10, 13 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

No, I don't. The text should speak for itself, free of your editorialising. Additionally, with the excerpts you added from "Selective Breeding" (not to mention parts of "Bronze Age Mindset"), the article no longer consists chiefly of broken English. Regards, Cagliost (talk) 11:49, 13 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
BAP is an intellectual but not a conservative. I don't see that template on the article anyway. Cagliost (talk) 11:51, 13 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
I'm aware. I'll consider renaming the template to "rightist" or "right-wing intellectuals" before I add it to borderline cases like his. Biohistorian15 (talk) 11:55, 13 April 2024 (UTC)Reply