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Rest in Peace[edit]

Do we really need the lyrics for pretty much the entire song on the page? Not that I don't like that particular song, but I think it was better when it was just the first two verses. Anyone who objects can revert it, but I think it would be better with a little fat trimmed off.

Radical AdZ

Not only do we not want entire songs transcribed, we also need to avoid quoting too much from the entire episode for copyright reasons. I've done some serious reduction, including deleting some entire songs that I feel aren't as quoteworthy as others. (Remember, it's not the song, or the scene, or the visuals, or the acting that we can do justice to at Wikiquote. We must focus on the words.) Even so, this episode could use more reducing. Anyone wishing to add anything to it should delete more than they add. ~ Jeff Q (talk) 23:51, 4 February 2007 (UTC)[reply]

I guess it's just one of those episodes that brings a lot of that to the table, excessive quoting and whatnot. Not that I'm not guilty; I probably added to a lot of it myself.

Radical AdZ

I, too, confess my own guilt in this episode. In fact, some of what I deleted were lines I added back when I created the main article nearly 3 years ago. This is my favorite Buffy ep, and I've painstakingly transcribed every word and stage direction for my own personal quote project. It's hard to be selective, but we must do this, and do it continuously, because there will always be more editors wishing to add then to reduce to a reasonable set. ~ Jeff Q (talk) 05:44, 5 February 2007 (UTC)[reply]