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List of refranys[edit]

  • Barcelona és bona si la bossa sona.
Barcelona is good if the bag sounds (if you have money).
  • On vas, diner? Allà on n'hi ha més.
Where do you go, money? Where there is more.
  • Ploure sobre mullat.
To rain on wet ground. In a sense, similar to the English "When it rains, it pours"; however, its application also favorable events, such as when a wealthy person wins the lottery.
  • Any de neu, any de Déu.
Year of snow, year of God.
  • Qui la fa, la paga.
Who does, pays for it.
  • Pagant, sant Pere canta.
Literally, if you pay, Saint Peter will sing. Similar to the English, "He who pays the piper calls the tune".
  • Si això és guerra, que mai vingui pau !
If this is war, let peace never come !