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Just want to note that the date on this quote: "Better than a play! On the House of Lords' debate on Lord Ross's Divorce Bill (1610). Quoted by Arthur Bryant, King Charles II" is off because CRII didn't come to the throne until 1660. The likely correct date is 1663 when Roos got his divorce on the grounds of adultery of his wife.


  • I'm definitely the best king in England at the moment.
    • After his commitment being questioned in the House of Commons
  • Don't worry Jamie — they'll not kill me to make you King.
    • To his brother the Duke of York who expressed concern over his lax security.
  • Now, nephew to your work! St George for England!
    • At the bedding ceremony of his nephew William of Orange and his niece the future Mary II.
  • I have tried him drunk and I have tried him sober and there is nothing in him.
    • On the husband of niece Anne, Prince George of Denmark.
  • Walk with me, hunt with my brother and do justice by my niece and you will not be fat.
    • To George of Denmark, who was worried about his weight.
  • Whenever we hear something strange or remarkable, we must tell it to the marines, for with their great service on land and sea they will know whether or not 'tis true.
  • There are three things in life that are certain: death, taxes and that it is raining in Tavistock.