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These should be provided with sources before being moved back into the article. Some are presented at "' but with no further citation.

  • I'm too busy playing. When I'm playing I don't pay attention to who's listening. When I was listening I listened to symphony orchestras, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Stravinsky. You don't listen to one instrument; you listen to music.
  • It (jazz) isn't like it used to be. The guys aren't together. They're all separated. Individuals now. Bird was a symbol. It was a clique, a clique of people. Who all believed in one thing: gettin' high. And playin'.
  • Most customers, by the time the musicians reach the second set, are to some extent inebriated. They don't care what you play anyway.
  • Most of the soloists at Birdland had to wait for Parker's next record in order to find out what to play next. What will they do now?
  • Tastes are created by the business interests. How else can you explain the popularity of Al Hirt?
  • They're singing your praises while stealing your phrases.