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Chelsea Lately and Other Quotes[edit]

  • "Men don’t realize that if we’re sleeping with them on the first date, we’re probably not interested in seeing them again either."
  • "My whole life is reading tabloid magazines. It’s really sad, because that’s what my show is all about — what is going on with celebrities. So I have to know everything."
  • "Nicole Richie’s baby shower is going to be this Sunday at 12:30 in the afternoon. It should be a very special event—many of these people are going to be seeing each other for the first time in broad daylight."
  • "Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon just got themselves a marriage license. I think before she gets married again Pam needs to slow down and think about whether this is really the man she wants to spend three or four months of her life with."
  • "Paris Hilton has launched a new champagne in a can called Rich Prosecco. For the ad campaign Paris posed wearing nothing but gold paint. That’s a unique way to cover up herpes."
  • "Paris Hilton is going on a goodwill mission to Rwanda. It’s the first time an entire Third World country will have to get immunizations for a visitor."
  • "Paris Hilton is one of the hosts for Nicole Richie’s baby shower, and they’re serving sushi. Awesome, Paris—sushi, the one thing pregnant women are forbidden to eat. Thanks for the mercury."
  • "Paula Abdul’s really impatient to start a family. She says if she has to wait much longer she’s going to go crazy—er."
  • "Rumer Willis was having a great time at the opening of a club when her twin walked in, also known as her dad, Bruce Willis. How embarrassing for her, she’s out with her friends and they’re like, ‘Umm, Rumer, I think your dad put something in my drink.’"
  • "Tara Reid is charging $3,500 for a personal appearance fee. So, for only $3,500 you can either buy a 1998 Jetta with 130,000 miles on it…or Tara Reid, who only has 98,000 miles on her."
  • "Thanksgiving is coming. I wonder what the holiday will be like at Dog the Bounty Hunter’s house—obviously, they’ll have a turkey with all-white meat."
  • "The L.A. Times is reporting that Britney Spears’ album Blackout will be number one on the Billboard charts. Not to toot my horn, but I predicted this on my show a week ago. No one wanted to believe me—even I didn’t want to believe me, but now I know how Nostradamus feels."
  • "This week Jamie Lynn Spears announced that she’s pregnant. I think she should opt for adoption. I would never recommend abortion, unless you’ve got the punch card filled up, and the eighth one is free."
  • "This weekend, Pam Anderson tied the knot with Rick Salomon in Las Vegas. The minister who married them said, ‘Is there anyone here who believes this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony?’ And then he raised his hand."
  • "This year Heidi Fleiss will be opening the Stud Farm, her all-male brothel outside of Las Vegas. This is for women to find men. If you’re a guy looking for a guy, you still have to find it at the airport bathroom."
  • "Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reportedly sleep in separate bedrooms of their mansion, because Tom snores. They also have their own bathrooms…in case Katie has to get up in the middle of the night and ask Tom’s permission to pee."
  • "A Catholic priest who’s been sending threatening notes to Conan O’Brien was charged with stalking in the fourth degree. It just goes to show you that people can become obsessed with redheads."
  • "A federal grand jury is investigating allegations that David Copperfield raped, assaulted and threatened a woman he took to his private island in the Bahamas in July. What happened to the good old days when a guy would just saw you in half?"
  • "According to an article on, a new study says people who are bad kissers don’t get laid. Where are you supposed to learn how to kiss? If you go to Catholic school, it’s from your priest; in public school, you learn from your teacher; and some guys learn from their sisters…if their sister is Angelina Jolie."
  • "According to Life & Style Weekly, 50 Cent may be working on Lindsay Lohan’s next album. Finally, a match made in rap heaven. He’s a convicted drug dealer who’s been shot nine times, and she spent 84 minutes in prison. This is a big step for Lindsay. The last time Lindsay got near a black guy she ran over his foot."
  • "According to Life & Style, Lance Armstrong was seen canoodling with fitness model Kim Strother, and the night before, he was with Ashley Olsen. He’s going from bar to bar picking up women—how does he get them home? Does he put them on the handlebars, or does he have a banana seat?"
  • "According to the New York Post, Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen are dating. They must be getting serious—Lance gave Ashley his yellow Live Strong bracelet. She wears it as a belt."
  • "Amy Winehouse’s mother wrote an open letter to the News of the World newspaper telling Amy she’s worried about her and to please call her. I doubt this is the best way to communicate with Amy—she should try spelling it out in lines of cocaine."
  • "An L.A. County Superior Court judge issued an order today taking custody of Britney’s two children away from her. K-Fed was surprised when Larry Birkhead swooped in at the last moment and grabbed them for himself."
  • "Angelina Jolie’s older brother James Haven, the one she made out with, has a license plate on his SUV that reads Shiloh. Maybe it’s not that weird. After all, he could be the father."
  • "Boy George has been charged with falsely imprisoning a man who’d gone to his apartment to pose for photographs. Going to Boy George’s house to get your picture taken is like going to David Copperfield’s island for a ‘radio opportunity.’"
  • "Britney Spears’ album Blackout is one of the hottest-selling CDs in the country. We’re in a bad place, people: The world is melting, we’re at war, and Two and a Half Men is a huge hit."
  • "Christina Aguilera finally announced her pregnancy. Thanks for waiting until your third trimester to get the word out—why not just wait until you’re crowning?"
  • "David Hasselhoff was hospitalized after falling off the wagon again. He probably got used to drinking too much, because for years he never had to worry about driving anywhere—his car drove itself."
  • "Drew Carey was the guest on Ellen’s breakdown show. You know, the next night, when he was hosting The Price Is Right, he ended his show with ‘Don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets, and for God’s sake don’t ever take one away from Ellen!’"
  • "For months there have been rumors that J.Lo is finally pregnant with Marc Anthony’s baby. She was afraid it might never happen. I’m afraid it’s going to look like Marc Anthony…"

"George Clooney and Fabio apparently got into a scuffle at a restaurant in Los Angeles over the weekend. George thought the women with Fabio were taking pictures of him. How embarrassed is George Clooney to be in a fight with Fabio? Who is he going to call out next, Lorenzo Lamas?"

  • "Good Luck Chuck, a comedy starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, opened today, and critics are saying it has all the belly laughs you’ve come to expect from Jessica Alba."

"Hulk Hogan’s wife has filed for divorce. This is the most devastating breakup since Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee. And then Pam Anderson and Kid Rock. And soon, Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon."

  • "I don’t know what’s going on with Britney. I think by now she’s her own species. We need to catch her, tag her and send her back out into her natural habitat—Starbucks—so we can observe her and learn more about her."
  • "I have more respect for somebody who's like, "Yeah I like to party, so screw off," then for Tara (Reid), who talks about not partying and ends up passed out underneath a Subway - not a subway station, but the actual sandwich shop - two days later."
  • "I have no idea why gay men love me, but I would have to assume it’s because they know how much I love the gays! Everyone needs a good gay man in their life."
  • "I watched the American Music Awards last night. Beyoncé lost in all three of her categories, but she did win a special award—which was our way of saying we still love you but we need to see other people."
  • "I went out with a guy who once told me I didn’t need to drink to make myself more fun to be around. I told him, I’m drinking so that you’re more fun to be around."

"I’ll always be doing stand-up as long as people are still interested in seeing me."

  • "In a statement to the Associated Press earlier in the year, Jamie Lynn said she didn’t have a boyfriend. She said, ‘I’m keeping my options open.’ And by options, she meant legs."
  • "It looks like Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are ‘taking a break.’ Their engagement is off, and Heidi is going back to Colorado. This is really sad for Heidi and for all the Hills fans and for the entire state of Colorado."
  • "Jessica Simpson attended boyfriend Tony Romo’s football game. The Cowboys quarterback had the worst game of his career. It’s a bad year for the name Simpson. Even O.J. is pissed—he feels like they’re making his name look bad."
  • "Katie Holmes told In Style magazine that Tom’s turned on by the sight of her in a suit and miniskirt. Tom also likes it when Katie wears the monitoring bracelet on her ankle."

"Kiefer Sutherland has agreed to serve 48 days in jail for his DUI convictions. That’s 245 months in Jack Bauer years."

  • "Kiefer Sutherland is spending the holidays behind bars, so for Christmas he’ll need crossword puzzles, stationery, magazines, a cork and a rape whistle."
  • "Lance Bass has a new autobiography titled Out of Sync. We don’t need to read it, we already know how it ends—Justin is really successful, and Lance is gay."
  • "Lindsay Lohan fell in love while in rehab. Who wouldn’t? You share meals together, gaze into each other’s eyes, talk about your feelings and share one romantic sunset after another—for roughly $50,000 a month. Pretty pricey, considering a month of is only $21."
  • [when talking about the word 'midget'] "For the record the 'm' is silent and it's pronounced nugget!"
  • "I think we can all agree that sleeping around is a great way to meet people."
  • "I can remember my first one-night stand like it was yesterday. Well, maybe not the first. Or the second... or the fifth. I'll just begin with what I can remember and not concern myself with order."
  • "...some of the best sex I can barely remember."
  • "Along with the 97 percent of women who can see, I have never been a fan of redheaded men."
  • [To Chuy] "That sounds like a joke Brad wrote for you. The jokes are getting dumber, dumber and dumber. This show is getting us unfunny as possible."
  • Chelsea: Chuy, have you ever called 911?

Chuy: No, I don't know the number.

  • Chelsea: Chuy, do you have any advice for Gary Coleman?

Chuy: Yes. Hook up with a drunk blonde.

  • So eh, Bombshell McGee, the girl that had sex with Jesse James, the first one, that came out.. She eh, I found in my morning meeting that one of my writers said that she went on her Facebook page and said "Chelsea Lately said about me", I guess she doesn't read magazines which makes sense to me because she basically has one on her face. And then she goes, it's funny, Chelsea.. And then she went on to write, "Chelsea, here is some free advice: use some of that botox from your forehead, and put it in your flabby underarm skin. I've seen better wings in a bucket of KFC chicken." Until you've dipped my wings in eleven urbs and spices or with cheese dressing, and taken that needle you use - first of all, look at my forehead, you dumb bitch, okay? You have a tattoo on your forehead, so you have had a needle in your forehead, and probably Jesse James' balls so shut your face.