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I like this man. His wit is phenomenal and he doesn't care what people think of him. -- 22:32, 15 April 2010 (UTC)

"Like"? What is there to admire about him, much less like about him? Did he find a cure for cancer? Did he give his riches away to a charity? Did he volunteer his time at a soup kitchen? Did he sign up to serve his country in a time of war? Has he ever, EVER been remotely philanthropic?? The answers are No, No, No, No and HELL No. He has a one-dimensional mind and cares only about himself - NOBODY else. And he calls himself a Christian? Ha!
Black would be wise to take a page out of Bill Gates', Ted Turner or Warren Buffett's books when it comes to philanthropy. Black operates with the belief that whoever winds up with the most toys wins and that wealth buys innocence (and passage through Heaven's Door). He doesn't care about the middle-class blue-collar workers who put their blood, sweat and tears into the company they work for for 30 years, only to find their 401K raided, their pension vanished and their Social Security Checks cancelled all so that the CEO can move the company to a third-world country and make $20 billion per quarter instead of $5 billion per quarter. Gee, what a likeable guy! LOL CounterfeitSoul 16:01, 17 November 2010 (UTC)
Oh boo-hoo, he never helped other people and had the audacity to enjoy his wealth. What a cruel and selfish man. He shouldn't think about himself should he. He should think about other people, specifically us. This is a very beautiful emotion called sympathy and one which people like you and I possess in great quantities, wouldn't you agree CounterfeitSoul? -- 18:52, 28 January 2012 (UTC)