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你好. Hello. 想问一件事。可以帮我妈?

Rotten Tomatoes link seems to be broken (404). As of today (2019-02-14) the correct link is . I tried to edit the link, but it is automatically generated via a template, so I preferred to leave it alone.

"They should have sent a poet"


@Eaglestorm: I'm new to Wikiquote, but my impression is that this quote meets WQ:FAME; I've seen it just about everywhere, but didn't know where it was from. I dare say it's more widely quoted than anything else from this movie. Is there any sort of (quasi-)objective standard for determining if fame is sufficient, or do we just have to rely on subjective personal experience? Swpb (talk) 15:52, 3 March 2022 (UTC)Reply