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On itself[edit]

  • cDc is the fountain of couth.
  • cDc: we put the 'hack' in 'hacktivism'
  • Until I found the CULT OF THE DEAD COW, I was a high school nobody! I couldn't get laid if my life depended on it! Now, I'm humpin' all of my teachers! - Weaselboy, former member

On lameness[edit]

  • cDc's fight is a never-ending WAR ON LAMENESS.
  • In the Great War on Lameness, all those on THAT side of the bell curve will be TRAMPLED MERCILESSLY UNDER OUR CLOVEN HOOFS!
  • ...those who insist on being PART OF THE PROBLEM will be subjugated to many many hours of urine-drinking and butt-wiping during THE GREAT PURGE.