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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the D.Gray-man page.

Problems with the page[edit]

Here are a few problems I'm currently facing while editing the D.Gray-man page and which I'd like a bit of help with:
1. Format: Because there aren't any guidelines for manga quotes, I've roughly followed the TV show format when adding quotes, except in fictional last words, where I followed the general format there. The anime quotes (when someone adds any) will probably have to follow the aforementioned format.
EDIT: Changed to the format I used on the Claymore (manga) page to cut down on less notable quotes and hopefully make browsing easier.
2. Quote limit: I'm constantly trying not to let the fangirl in me transcribe entire chapters (unlike some pages here), but I might still slip up, inserting quotes that are too long or not particularly notable (common fan mistake).
EDIT: Changing the format helped me cut out a lot of less notable quotes but if you feel there's a quote missing that should be there you're free to add it yourself.
3. Spelling/Grammar: Usual problem with typing errors and/or unfamiliarity with spelling of character names. Case in question: is it Skin Boric or Skin Bolic? The list of D.Gray-man characters and list of D.Gray-man chapters feature different spellings and it would be helpful if someone cleared it up in those articles too. I try to correct typos at the same time I check my quote limit, by refering to earlier quotes I added from time to time.
4. Lack of anime quotes: I'm not sure if this is because the anime follows the manga so closely that there's no point in adding them, or if everyone who has viewed this page has, like me, never watched the anime.
EDIT: With the change in format, anime quotes can be added straight to the character quotes or below the dialogue quotes from the manga.
Thanks. Raisin56 07:17, 17 May 2010 (UTC)