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Unsourced quotes[edit]

On the italian wikiquote I add some quotes with sources. Please add them if you want. --Viscontino (talk) 20:46, 29 January 2013 (UTC)


  • It's that iconic imagery of that sea of raised fists during a live performance. It's a symbol of unity and strength and at the same time there are elements of defiance and rebellion that are inherent in that raised fist symbol. It's just one of those iconic pieces of imagery from the life of rock 'n' roll.
  • There's always going to be the simple quality that whenever you hear one of our songs you'll know it's us.
  • I think [Shout 2000] is a masterpiece. We did want a song that is completely opposite to our sound, you know, coming from a completely different direction, but yet at the same time has the same meaning, has lyrics like something written by Disturbed. "Shout" is perfect for it. It's about voicing your displeasure and yelling it out, shouting it out, not sitting back and taking it. But if you remember when "Shout" was written – it's an '80s pop song from England – things were softer then. I think it really blends in well with our other songs and we play it almost every night and our audiences love it... Curt Smith told us that he thinks now finally the song has the aggression he envisioned when he wrote the lyrics. Wow, that was such a great compliment. We were floored. We could hardly believe it.
  • They are children but unfortunately "Two Worlds" ended up being the dyslexic, ADD stricken mongoloid child…it’s a special child.
  • ...In life I was your friend, now I'm just a dead guy with cool chains. (Imitating Butthead)