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  • Vijay hits more balls than Elton John's chin.
    • Feherty describing Vijay Singh's training.
  • It looks like an octopus falling out of a tree.
    • Feherty on Jim Furyk's swing.
  • Watching Phil Mickelson play golf is like watching a drunk chasing a balloon near the edge of a cliff.
    • Feherty on Phil Mickelson.
  • Fortunately, Rory is only 22 years old, so his right wrist should be the strongest muscle in his body.
    • Feherty on a possible injury to Rory McElroy.
  • That ball is so far left, Lassie couldn’t find it if it was wrapped in bacon.
    • Feherty commenting on a bad shot of the tee.
  • He’s got a face like a warthog who’s just been stung by a wasp.
    • Feherty on Colin Montgomerie.
  • When CBS came to me and asked me to do on-course commentary, I said, "You know, I'm only 37, I still have hopes of playing a little better." So they told me what they were going to pay me, and I said, "You want to buy a set of clubs?"
    • Feherty on his decision to give up his playing career in favor of a commentating career.