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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the David Icke page.

"The most sinister of evils are often cloaked under a shroud of goodness" Daivd Morin 2004

get rid of the ibidems, someone

I am free, I am me[edit]

For an interesing picture of David Icke, see page 166 of his book Infinite Love is the Only Truth: Everything Else is Illusion

No Fan Commentary, Please[edit]

Someone wrote a very redundant comment concerning Icke's 'clarifications' about his 'son of God' statement.

"He later was given the opportunity to elaborate and clarified that in fact we are all sons and daughters of God, Example the countless examples of inter-relativity. and the fact that we're all the family of life!"

The comment was highly unnecessary, as it does nothing more than poorly state what was already largely in the quote.

It'd be better if you just put verbatim what he went on to say, as opposed to a poorly written summary with improper grammar. Also, I don't believe I've ever seen a sentence on Wiki that wasn't a direct quote end in an exclamation mark...

I think it'd be best if Icke's fans didn't write in their own comments about his quotes on the quote page.

What is quotable? (sources, and "value")[edit]

A lot of the quotes listed are "sourced" as ibid. I am not sure what that refers to, so cannot say if they are sourced.

Secondly, what quotes are truly quotes, and not just random sentences or run-on paragraphs? Very little appears as something I could reference in a conversation or repeat - ever. Where are the lines to be drawn? 12:31, 15 October 2012 (UTC)

I too would like to know what ibid means. 03:05, 9 March 2016 (UTC)


  • Turquoise is a very significant colour, it was considered a sacred color by ancient cultures. says a student of the esoteric arts, it is the very base colour of the universe.
  • Reports of my madness, as they say, are greatly exaggerated. I think people are capable of defining truth for themselves. Not that I give a bugger what anyone chooses to believe, as long as they don't feel compelled force their beliefs on others.
  • If an Economist, Doctor, Lawyer, Media Personalities, Government Officials, etc. Makes a claim it is Automatically deeemed credible, at time without any substantial evidence, though evidence is no obstacle to the necessary Consensus Reality. If anyone presents information that "contradicts" the Official Investigations And/Or Current "Norms" of a present society, he's labeled as crazy. Is condemned, Mis-represented, and ostracised. Often by those who only read the Headlines without reading information that further substantiates the particular point.Way of the world, I'm afraid. Though I feel compelled to ask Why is it the way of the world?
  • All but one of the 54 signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons
    • Former Mason Manly P. Hall "Secret Societies"
  • Our CAPTORS or if you prefer "Masters" Don't want you to think for yourselves, they suggest that those with fancy titles and letters after their names should do it for you. "Go back to sleep..., your experts know best.... Zzzzzzz...." Love is the highest expression of a "Living" organism in the known universe, It is often represented as the "positive aspect of "Yin/Yang", "Human Nature"-Animal Nature?,etc. We should'nt be afraid to express ourselves sincerely,and allow others the freedom of expressing themselves sincerely,without fear of what others will label me as. We start to eliminate those fear patterns that have been promoted as a means of Geo-Political control. It is Love that all organsims,desire-determined by subjective values,respectively.and require-albeit are denied.Responding towards a situation,or person with Love, Acceptance,and Appreciation (opposed to Fear,Guilt, Anger, Frustration.) Assists us in "re-attuning" our state of mind,towards positive states of being, by recognising, thought patterns that "Enforce" the "FEAR Vibration"-The Negative expressions of Conciousness. We take back control over the creation of our individual realities. Which will naturally influence our Collective reality, for better or worse. I "believe" in a Heaven and Hell, On Earth... When we embark on this adverse journey of Self-Discovery. You'll find it much easier to "reside" in the "higher" levels of our BEING. to be more exact, THE SOURCE of ALL- Simply stated LOVE!(also as stated throughout history),which in turn re-connects us to the universal conciousness-Collective Mind- Consensus Reality.-"The Norms".(similar to Jung's theory of the collective unconsciousness) and all the knowledge, wisdom, and intuitive "Ideas" that's possible to access with proper state of being- Relaxed,Mindfulness, etc. opposed to Hastiness, self-pressure, lack of confidence,etc. You could say , that there's a Spectrum of Knowledge that exists as radiostation broadcasts, when we "attune",and "develope" information on the specific wave-length, we are in a sense tuning our "Cognitive Dial" on the respective broadcasting specific states of mind(a mind-set of Fear, opposed to a mind-set of Love-which can be symbolised as extremes of poles or "Polarities" of being "LOVE OR FEAR".which we seek to bring into balance, which allow us to become more receptive of the subtleties of "Reality", and respective circumstances, our state of being is VITAL. We MUST seek BALANCE -Mentally-Emotionally,Physically). It will help you connect vibrationally to the Great Infinity of existence(which's within, not "out there") by tuning you to its wavelength(sample how a state of mind dominated by fear,reacts to circumstances. opposed to a mind-set of Love,Appreciation,Actualising and expressing our highest potential as living enitities.)We are faced with two choices,two respond in Fear, or respond in Love...i've made my choice...the ball is in your court...
    • article in Daily Mirror, England. Icke had appeared in the Wogan interview