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Old Quotes[edit]

I've reverted to my previous edit, as I don't think old quotes by Myatt are relevant or necessary here, as he's renounced extremism and all his old writings and so the old quotes give a distorted picture of the man. Moreover, as it says in the Wikiquote guidelines the quotes given here "can inspire us to seek to understand the people that uttered them" - in the case of Myatt, in understanding the why and the how of his rejection of all types of extremism and of his extremist past, which - to me at least - is what makes Myatt notable and suitable for inclusion here, not what he said or wrote while an extremist. You can find hundreds if not thousands of quotes from extremists extolling, or trying to extol or justify, their extremism but few from a former extremist which so eloquently denounce extremism and so eloquently explain the 'why' of their extremism. Eddym (talk) 12:15, 11 August 2013 (UTC)