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  • That's basketball, man. One guy can do it in basketball. This is baseball. You need more than one guy.
    • after hearing that fellow teamate Gabe Kapler had said: "What he's doing is Jordanesque."
  • The only question I have for New York is "Who's your Papi?"
    • after Ortiz's home run in extra innings won the game, and in response to the New York Yankees fans chanting "Who's your Daddy?"
  • You know, I'm not a guy who's going to steal bases, but we needed a run and we didn't have any action from the hitters, so that's why I went.
    • after the stocky player tried to steal second during the ALCS, his first attempt at stealing a base since joining the Red Sox in 2003.
  • It doesn't matter if we we're down 3-0. You've just got to keep the faith. The game is not over until the last out.
    • After helping the Boston Red Sox to win the 2004 American League Championship Series against the New York Yankees with four straight wins, after being down 0-3 games in the best-of-seven game series. Toronto Star (21 October 2004)
  • We didn't score seven runs tonight, so that's why we didn't win. Good night.
  • That ball wasn't even close to Ted Williams' seat back there. That kind of got me frustrated. You know, you hit the ball like that and you've still got to go 25 more rows up to get close to Mr. Ted Williams … I don't know.
  • The United States has provided my family and me with more than we could have ever dreamed. I'll never forget the way Red Sox fans and the team's owners helped my country after the floods last year.
  • When life give you lemons, smash 'em with a bat.