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  • Television should provoke debate - it's how a nation talks to itself.
  • Why do popular songs have so much power in your work?, asked the critic Michael Sragow.
    • Because I don't make the mistake that high-culture mongers do of assuming that because people like cheap art, their feelings are cheap, too. When people say, "Oh listen, they're playing our song," they don't mean "Our song, this little cheap, tinkling, syncopated piece of rubbish, is what we felt when we met." What they're saying is, "That song reminds us of that tremendous feeling we had when we met."

About Dennis Potter[edit]

  • Brilliantly written and made, but nauseating.
    • Explanation given by Alasdair Milne, then Director of Programmes for BBC television, as to why Potter's play "Brimstone and Treacle" was withdrawn from transmission in 1976. The original version was not shown until 1987.