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  • When my books first hit the market, my first thought was: "Good. Now these gullible youth will see the true light, the primeval way - and the world will cower in awe of my intellectual abilities." My second thought was: "Oh, crap...if this book rockets to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, untold trees will be mercilessly slaughtered for printing purposes." As it turns out, I had little to worry about. Nobody bought my books. Apparantely the world just isn't ready for my genius & guile, my brilliant banter.
  • In order to save the planet, I once stopped using toilet tissue and used my bare hand. I did this for two months. But even as stinky as Western culture is, it wasn't nearly as stinky as my hand. So I quit using my bare hand. I use ferns instead. To all those ferns who met such an end, I apologize. Hell, maybe I'll just use friggin' Charmin again.

- Why that green and black flag? I think that Derrick Jensen is not a member of any ideology. I think that labeling him with a flag is not good. Ps: The fake phrases of above aren't even funny. -- 10:45, 21 December 2016 (UTC)Reply