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I am trying to determine if a quote such as the following has an existing source or is a figment of my imagination: "Nothing is as painful as discipline, except the lack of it.

Here is something to add to the discipline topic. SOURCE: The Miracle of Discipline. Page 6 ebook by Rob Booker "Life can be led without discipline but it cannot be led well. This isn’t something I believe because it sounds good. It’s something I believe because I’ve lived with discipline and without discipline; I’ve talked to hundreds (maybe thousands) of people who have done the same; in every case, the disciplined life was the happy life."


  • A stern discipline pervades all nature, which is a little cruel that it may be very kind.
  • The divined discipline is not to be attained by the man who eateth more than enough or too little, nor by him who hath a habit of sleeping much, nor by him who is given to overwatching.
    • Sri Krishna