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  • I do love Alice in Wonderland though, that's something I think I could do very well. Don't you think we ought to do an A.W.? A.W.'s Alice in Wonderland? Andy Warhol's Alice in Wonderland? A.W. stands for a lot of things, I understand. It, uh, it would make a fantastic film. So I wanted somebody to write the script for it, in a modern sense. I think it would be the most marvellous movie in the world, if it could be done. Don't you think? Really, I don't think they'e done one since they did a Walt Disney one - which isn’t really doing it. In a sense it is, but not in the way it really should be done. What's needed right now is a real scene. I mean not just cartoon characters, but the actual character of people because there's so many fantastic people that you might as well use the people.
    • 1965

About Edie Sedgwick (unsourced)[edit]

  • That is unusual, to look like you had just walked out of a fairy tale. She had nothing human about her, just mystery.
    • Ivy Nicholson, a former Factory regular.
  • I think Edie's creation of her persona, of her image, was her art form.
    • Bibbe Hansen, a former Factory regular.