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Desperately seeking Elizabeth[edit]

Just a thought, but should Queen Liz really be entered under E for her first name? I looked initially under Q for Queen, then W for Windsor and only then under E for Elizabeth. Jez 15:11, 11 Mar 2005

Referring to her as "Elizabeth II" is following the Wikipedia practice of using a monarch's name and number as their article title, although Wikipedia typically adds their nation as well. (Wikiquote is still small enough that disambiguation between similarly named-and-numbered monarchs probably hasn't been an issue yet.) I'm not sure what you were looking under when you refer to "Q", "W", and "E" (perhaps List of people by name?), but most of the time, if I'm looking for a person, I just type into the Search box what the person is usually called. (I would have tried "Queen Elizabeth" first, then "Elizabeth II" or "Queen Elizabeth II".) I would never have thought to check "Windsor" for Elizabeth quotes specifically, as I wouldn't have expected anyone to create an article for the collected quotes of the Windsor royal family, but I suppose it's possible.
I've just now created redirect pages for Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth II for the sake of making the queries I mentioned above work. If someone adds quotes from the original Queen Bess of England, or when Wikiquote expands to include quotes from Queens Elizabeth of other nations, these article titles and content can be adjusted to accomodate the changes. I've also added this article to appropriate categories. — Jeff Q (talk) 01:23, 12 Mar 2005 (UTC)

"I'm not sure what you were looking under when you refer to "Q", "W", and "E" (perhaps List of people by name?)" - Yes - I was looking in the alphabetised list of names. Thanks. Jez