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  • The German Navy managed mostly to show that they knew how to die gallantly, especially the surface fleet.
  • Hitler was a demon but I realized it too late.
  • I will bring to everyone's attention that, in case war with Great Britain were to burst; such a war could mean Germany's end.
    • To other admirals and high ranking officials, July 22, 1939.

About Raeder[edit]

  • Raeder, the political admiral, stealthily built up the German Navy in defiance of the Versailles Treaty, and then put it to use in a series of aggressions which he had taken a leading part in planning.
  • Navy Commander Erich Raeder was more concerned with enhancing the navy's position in the new Reich than with contributing to a rational grand strategy. His limited vision fitted nicely into Hitler's dreams of world empire.
    • Johannes Steinhoff (1994)
  • An irritable old man with a practical, unimaginative mentality, but academically intelligent.
    • G. M. Gilbert
  • The Athenia sinking — when I broadcast that this was done not by our U-boats but by the British, I had Raeder's word for it. It was Raeder's fault. He knew and Hitler knew it was a German submarine.