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  • Some tasks are by their very nature so chock full of gory details that the elegance has to be an acquired taste, not something you can always bring with you or just "intuit" externally to the task.
  • I think we all need to take our teachers with multiple grains of salt. They have, after all, figured out their stuff at a much slower pace than they try to teach us. Something is bound to get lost in that process.
  • For the time being, programming is a consumer job, assembly line coding is the norm, and what little exciting stuff is being performed is not going to make it compared to the mass-marketed crap sold by those who think they can surf on the previous half-century's worth of inventions forever.
  • I have long since given up dealing with people who hold idiotic opinions as if they had arrived at them through thinking about them.
  • Those who have deviant punctuation desires should take care of their own perverted needs.
  • That's why the smartest companies use Common Lisp, but lie about it so all their competitors think Lisp is slow and C++ is fast. (This rumor has, however, gotten a little out of hand. :)
  • Perl is for people who want it to work. Common Lisp is for people who want it not to break.