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  • There's no education in the second kick of a mule.
  • Letting y'all regulate yourselves is like delivering lettuce by way of a rabbit.
    • To opponents of government regulation
  • People always wonder how Peatsy and I stay together, with so many divorces around us. And a friend of ours used to say, "It's simple. They have a lot in common. They're both in love with the same fella."
    • During her husband's campaign for his party's presidential nomination in 1984, a reporter called their hotel room and asked to speak to Senator Hollings. Mrs. Hollings held the phone away from her mouth and said, "Hey, mister, you Hollings?"
  • I'll take a drug test if you take an I.Q. test.
    • Responding to a Republican challenger who dared him to take a drug test
  • But what have you done in this world?
    • While debating John Glenn, the former astronaut
  • I did not have political relations with that man, Ken Lay.
    • On President Bush's effort to distance himself from the Enron scandal:
  • I've never seen a better example of cash-and-carry government than this Bush administration and Enron.
  • If you want a lesson in political anonymity, sponsor a bill with Phil Gramm.
  • We hear those in the national Congress running around and saying, 'Free trade, free trade, I am for free trade,' when they know free trade is like dry water. There is no such thing.