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The following quote is floating around, attributed to Deschamps: "You who long for the Knightly Order, It is fitting you should lead a new life; Devoutly keeping watch in prayer, Fleeing from sin, pride and villainy; The Church defending, The Widows and Orphans succouring. Be bold and protect the people, Be loyal and valiant, taking nothing from others. Thus should a Knight rule himself.

He should be humble of heart and always work, And follow Deeds of Chivalry.; Be loyal in war and travel greatly; He should frequent tourneys and joust for his Lady Love; He must keep honor with all, So that he cannot be held to blame. No cowardice should be found in his doings, Above all, he should uphold the weak, Thus should a Knight rule himself."

Anyone have any idea where, if anywhere, in his writings this might be found? 19:00, 23 August 2010 (UTC)

The aforementioned quote is a translation of "Du bachelier d'armes." I do not know the source of this particular translation, but you may easily find a version by doing a search on Google books.