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  • A couple of aspirates. (F. E. Smith's prescription for J. H. Thomas, who had complained of "an 'ell of an 'eadache".)
  • Judge: Are you trying to show contempt for this court, Mr Smith?
    Smith: No, My Lord. I am attempting to conceal it.
  • Judge: Have you ever heard of a saying by Bacon — the great Bacon — that youth and discretion are ill-wedded companions?
    Smith: Yes, I have. And have you ever heard of a saying of Bacon — the great Bacon — that a much-talking judge is like an ill-tuned cymbal?
  • Smith (to witness): So, you were as drunk as a judge?
    Judge (interjecting): You mean as drunk as a lord?
    Smith: Yes, My Lord.
  • Master of the Rolls: Really, Mr Smith, do give this Court credit for some little intelligence.
    Smith: That is the mistake I made in the Court below, My Lord.