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A bit of explanation on the choice made for 2007: I had gone through February 1st, expecting to use some James Joyce quote, and had worked extensively on all 3 pages currently existing for him, to the extent I had the time; but as the selection time approached I remembered it was Groundhog Day, and that this year was a very peculiar occurrence, where the Chinese "Year of the Fire Dog" had 13 months — this was thus the 2nd Groundhog Day within the (Chinese) Year (4704, or 4703 by other calculations). Though there were many Joyce quotes tied in the final ranking, there were none ranked higher, and the once-in-millenia chance to tie in a quote for the second Groundhog Day of a "year" was too good an opportunity to willingly pass up. I also felt it was probably time for a little more levity. Happy 2nd "Groundhog Day" of the Year of the Fire Dog. ~ Kalki 10:11, 2 February 2007 (UTC)