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I have several of Frank Crane's essays online in a very usable form, and I hope to add more. I agree with the comments below that "The Human Heart" goes beyond the scope of an encyclopedic entry, but I would be happy to add it, and "Clean Business" to the pages I have already uploaded.

My Frank Crane uploads are at:

-- Dan Sullivan

Vote for deletion notice[edit]

This article was preserved after a vote for its deletion. See its archived VfD entry for details. — Jeff Q (talk) 30 June 2005 23:54 (UTC)

The Human Heart[edit]

The text currently listed under "The Human Heart" is actually the entire essay, word for word. As the copyright has expired, there is no concern about copyright violation, but I question whether the whole essay is quoteworthy. If anyone should decide to trim this material, it might be posted in its entirety on Wikisource. In fact, the whole work could be put there, if the original poster(s) should feel it worthwhile. — Jeff Q (talk) 1 July 2005 01:02 (UTC)