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  • A Republic without parties is a complete anomaly. The history of all popular govemments shows how absurd is the idea of their attempting to exist without parties.
  • Frequently the more trifling the subject, the more animated and protracted the discussion.
  • I believe that involuntary servitude, as it exists in different States of this Confederacy, is recognized by the Constitution. I believe that it stands like any other admitted right, and that the States where it exists are entitled to efficient remedies to enforce the constitutional provisions.
  • I wish I could indulge higher hope for the future of our country, but the aspect of any vision is fearfully dark and I cannot make it otherwise.
  • Remember that time is money.
  • The stars upon your banner have become nearly threefold their original number; your densely populated possessions skirt the shores of the two great oceans.
  • The dangers of a concentration of all power in the general government of a confederacy so vast as ours are too obvious to be disregarded.
  • We have nothing in our history or position to invite aggression; we have everything to beckon us to the cultivation of relations of peace and amity with all nations.
  • With the Union my best and dearest earthly hopes are entwined.