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What a shock old Fred will have when he reaches his beloved Pearly Gates and God says to him, "No, no, NO - you've got it all wrong. Join your friends Saddam and Adolf in the Place Below - for ever. Goodbye".

=no heart at all i wish i could slaphim have you seen his slogans? it is as if he hates everyone but himself. has he no compassion? people died because of hurricane Katrina, but all Phelps wanted to do was laugh and mock those who were victims of it. perhaps someday, he will know the sorrow of those who lost their lives due to war and national disasters.

Perhaps, but don't hold your breath.


I assume there's protection for the wikiquote articles, too. Anyway, I don't trust half these quotes, and maybe there should be a lock.Kniobo 01:19, 3 July 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Most of the quotes are sourced now. 00:23, 7 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Help needed: to find links to official videos[edit]

I am including Youtube links as references (just to prove that Fred Phelps did say what we claim he said). However, since Youtube is not the best reference (since anyone can create spoofs and Youtube poops), if we can find links to the official videos, then that will be great. Micasta 01:54, 6 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Help needed: Positive quotes regarding Fred Phelps[edit]

I can only find negative quotes regarding Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. If anyone can find positive quotes about him, then please add. (Would be a challenge, since everyone hates the old cracker.) Micasta 02:54, 9 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Archive of Signs[edit]

I am archiving the section "Signs Carried by the Westboro Baptist Church" here. These signs reflect the sentiments of the WBC as a whole, and are not necessarily quotes by Fred Phelps. Unless Fred Phelps himself said these, then we cannot place these in the Fred Phelps quote page. Furthermore, not all of these signs have been verified with official references (e.g. news articles). Micasta 01:07, 6 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Signs Carried by the Westboro Baptist Church[edit]

Other slogans are

  • God Hates Ireland
  • God Hates You[1]
  • God Hates Your Idols[1]
  • God Hates Your Tears[2]
  • God Hates Fag Enablers[1]
  • God Hates America[1]
  • God is America's Terror[1]
  • God Hates Divorce[1]
  • God Is Your Enemy[1]
  • God : USA's Terrorist[1]
  • God Sent the Shooter[1]
  • Thank God for 9/11[1]
  • 9/11 Gift from God[1]
  • Thank God for $10.9M[1]
  • Thank God for the Tsunami[3]
  • Thank God for Katrina[4]
  • Thank God for Dead Soldiers[1]
  • Thank God for IEDs (improvised explosive devices)[1]
  • Thank God for AIDS[5]
  • Fag Santa (carried at Christmas time)
  • Fag Flag (with an inverted American flag)[1]
  • Fag Soldier in Hell[1]
  • Fags Doom Nations (Image)
  • Fags Are Worthy of Death (Image)
  • Dyke sin
  • Fags Eat Feces = Scat
  • Fag Troops[1]
  • Menninger Therapy (complete with two stick figures mounting)
  • Repent or Perish[6]
  • Dyke nuns and Fag Priests (carried outside Catholic churches)
  • Dyke Sows Wed Here (complete with pictures of pigs in wedding dresses covered with feces; carried at lesbian weddings)
  • Brides of Satan (referring to lesbian weddings)
  • Don't Worship the Dead[1]
  • Disney Fags (used during Disney on Ice at the Expo Center.)
  • No tears for queers
  • fag = anal sex = death
  • AIDS is God's Gift
  • Fags die, God laughs
  • Matt Shepard rots in hell
  • Fag Pimp
  • Dyke Liberty
  • You Will Eat Your children
  • Fags eat poop
  • Fags rot in hell
  • Fag Gospel (complete with a picture of Billy Graham with a pink triangle on his forehead and two stick figures mounting)
  • Your Pastor Is A Whore[1]
  • Pope in Hell[1]
  • Fear God[2]
  • Prepare to meet thy God[3]
  • Heath in Hell[4]
  • Semper Fi Semper Fags
  • No Special Laws for Fags[1]
  • Pray For More Dead Soldiers
  • Pray For More Dead Kids
  • Don't Pray for the U.S.A.
  • Priests Rape Boys[1]
  • Catholic Priests Are Liars
  • The Godfather of Pedophiles
  • The World is Doomed[1]
  • Molester Mafia Boss
  • Pedophile Rape Pimp
  • Pervert Pope
  • God Hates Obama[1]
  • The Beast Obama[1]
  • God Hates Islam
  • God Hates Muslims[1]
  • Muhammad = Lying False Prophet[1]
  • Muhammad is a Pedophile[1]
  • Imams Rape Children[1]
  • Muslims Die, God Laughs[1]
  • USA = Fag Nation[1]
  • USA's Doom[1]
  • U H8 Jesus[1]
  • You Hate God[1]
  • God H8S False Prophets[1]
  • God Hates the U.S.A.[1]
  • The Jews Killed Jesus[1]
  • Some Jews Will Repent[1]
  • God Hates Jews[1]
  • Jews Stole the Land[1]
  • God Hates Israel[1]
  • Israel is Doomed[1]
  • Your Rabbi is a Whore[1]
  • Rabbis Rape Kids[1]
  • Your Doom is Coming[1]
  • ADL Jew Bullies[1]
  • Destruction is Imminent[1]
  • 'Christians' Caused Fag Marriage[1]
  • God Killed your Kids[1]
  • God's View[1]
  • God Damned[1]
  • Ye are of their father the Devil[1]

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Concerning Snyder v. Westboro Baptist Church[edit]

  • “The United States of America put the Westboro Baptist Church on trial for our deeply held religious beliefs – a thing that has never before, in the history of this nation, been done. [They] put us on trial for what we truly, deeply believe. They don’t like it. They said in effect that if our preaching offended anybody, they could sue us – and get $10 million: ‘I don’t like that preaching. Sue!’
  • “Mind you, in the New York Times v. Sullivan case, [the courts] said that in political debate, speech can be robust, wide open, and uninhibited – for political debate! How much more so for...old time gospel hellfire and damnation preaching? – Sermon, November 4, 2007